Monday, June 9, 2014

Serengeti~Mahale May-June 2014 Days 15-17 June 9-11, 2014

Serengeti~Mahale May-June 2014  Days 15-17 June 9-11, 2014

Back to Reality ~ Not Quite Yet ~ Arusha

One more morning look across the lake to the Democratic Republic of Congo. It appears so peaceful and quiet, masking its serious humanitarian, wildlife and conservation issues.

Big Bird, ever so helpful, tries to unzip bags.

We spend two weeks chasing moths and butterflies, and then this one stows away, and takes the flight back to Tabora with us.

Our small plane lands at Arusha Airport, 

leaving a 5 minute drive to the Arusha Coffee Lodge.

We all think we are ready for a traditional, long, hot, steamy shower, but are disappointed. 
Bush showers are way better.

Shopping is always fun, with places like Shanga,

and Cultural Heritage,

and the Maasai Market

"Jambo, over here, look, look!"

The Blue Heron is our traditional lunch spot on the last day - a place to meet and greet locals.

On the plane about 9PM, overnight to Amsterdam, 
and a look at the caged animals in their zoo.

We start putting our "back-to-reality" faces on.

Thank you, once again, KLM. You continue to outperform Delta by miles.

Thanks, Paul, Jo and Jombi
Tim and Maureen ~ Ben and Holly
Dan and Betsy ~ Mike and Bev